About the Artist


Jazmin Novak is a Navajo sculptor born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2016 she began studying at the Institute of American Indian Arts located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts with a minor in Performing Arts.


During her studies, she worked under pueblo artist George Rivera, learning about monumental bronze sculpture, and the complexity of sculpting the figure. She worked with Walt Disney Imagineering, on a collaborative team with innovative technology to help create the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim, California. She was selected for a residency with Marist College, where she spent one month in Venice Italy, creating work for the Marist LdM Biennale 2019 Exhibition.


Recently, she was invited to participate in the Young Americas exhibition as part of the 2020 Brighton Arts festival. Jazmin Novak has been showing her work locally at Shidoni Gallery, Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery, and Gallery Hózhó. Currently, she works as an artist with Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. 

Press Coverage 

Jazmin Novak in Residence at the Coe, Ralph T. Coe Center For the Arts, March 22, 2022

Bioneers Conference Stage Art, Bioneers, 2022

Indian Market Launches Centennial Celebration, Navajo Times, Rima Krisst, April 15, 2022

IAIA 2021–2022 BFA Exhibition: We Went Wild, Institute of American Indian Arts, November 5, 2021


Meow Wolf’s First Official Internship in Santa Fe, Fawn Douglas, Meow Wolf,  August 18, 2021