Iron Pour at Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Located in Las Vegas, New Mexico is Highlands University, a place full of welcoming and considerate sculptors. There, about every other month, is an iron pour that takes place in the foundry yard. My mentor Matt Eaton attended the school and build the first iron furnace, which is still used today. In the fall of 2016, I attended my first pour which sparked a love for the material and its welcoming community. I have since created several iron sculptures, at various iron pours around the country.

During this pour in April 2019, the students at Highlands and David Lobdell graciously helped me with five resin bonded sand molds which consisted of sculpted wheels that were created for a larger sculpted cement piece. The wheels were first carved from an oil-based clay and then a silicon rubber mold was made. The mold was poured with wax to create five wax casts. I brought these casts to Highlands, where the sand molds were crafted, and the wax removed. Afterwards, iron was crushed up, coke was gathered and the furnace lit. As soon as the furnace got up to temperature, everyone worked as a team to pour the iron filling each mold.


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